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Jothen Cosmetic’s new rebrand to My Colors is an ode to the diverse colors in beauty
The My Colors rebrand comes as part of the brand’s desire to focus on holistic beauty and bringing a wide range of beauty products and consultation services that help customers look and feel their best from head to toe. My Colors builds on the 30 years of experience that Jothen Cosmetics has in the beauty retail industry and brings all things beauty under one roof.

The brand identity focuses on an inclusive message regarding all things beauty. The My Colors team shares that “the process of rebranding was a collaborative effort between our team and branding experts. We wanted to come up with a name and identity that would reflect our holistic approach to beauty and our passion for helping our customers feel confident and beautiful in every way. After much discussion and experimentation with different options, we ultimately decided on the name My Colors, which is an ode to the diverse representation of colors across the wide assortments of products in all our beauty categories, including hair care, nail care, skin care, and more. It represents the idea of beauty personalization and adding color to one’s appearance and life. Overall, the rebranding process was a thorough and thoughtful one, and we are very excited to introduce the new My Colors brand to the world.”
You can just tell how excited the My Colors team is about this bold rebrand, and how strongly they believe in the new name and what it represents to the brand. They tell us that they have plans for growth. The rollout of the rebrand coincided with giving the stores a noticeable facelift which communicates and presents the upgraded identity. If you haven’t stepped inside a My Colors store yet, we strongly urge you to do so now! It is a gorgeous retail space that celebrates all things beauty.

Ultimately, the aim of the rebrand to My Colors is to enhance the customer experience. The team speaks to us about how they “hope customers feel excited, confident, and well-informed when interacting with our products. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers more self-aware, give them an educational edge and empower them to become product conscious, so they can understand the “why” behind using a product.” My Colors is passionate about helping customers feel confident and beautiful in every way, and they strive to provide them with the best and most innovative beauty products and services.