The DISTRICT Way of Life

Our way of life is all about the PEOPLE who make District a distinguished company.


It is our approach to our partners and customers that creates a difference in this world.


We create and promote a healthy and beautiful world by leveraging the collective power of our companies and our impeccable reputation in the industry.


We focus on building healthy and collaborative partnerships that thrive on the strengths of all parties.


We bring together world-class partners and our group of companies to avail best-in-class brands, products and services to Health and Beauty Professionals and Consumers.

Shared Values

"Our values keep us balanced!"


We believe we can do great things!


We are good-natured and always intend to do the right thing


We transform smart data into prompt action


We are focused, motivated, and willing to do what it takes


We trust in our colleagues and in our companies


We embrace change and maneuver our way to results


We do what we say we are going to do


We are accountable to our clients, colleagues, and shareholders


We challenge the status quo, and we create


We take ownership

Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics establishes what we must do to ensure we are observing the appropriate ethical standards in our business dealings. Our code applies to all employees of District worldwide...




Speak Up

District aims to be an exemplary company. We respect the spirit and letter of the law and we hold our Ethical Principles high. We need your help to know as soon as any unfortunate events occur.

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