We create and sustain a healthy and beautiful world.

Our clients have ideas, we nurture them from dreams to blueprints to fully executed beauty projects while providing expert advice and free consultation process.
We carry a vast portfolio of world renowned salon furniture & equipment catering to complete market segment, be it the elite or the entrepreneurs on a budget. We are also focused on affordable salon furnishings for a broader clientele. Our services are extended bottom-up from the moment the client opts to find the perfect location, moving to our in-house services to define blue prints, select equipment and kickstart the process to build and furnish a unique beauty concept that goes in line with our customers’ vision.
With over 30 years of consulting, we are proud to have served over 10,000 happy clients and helped many of them become the industry champions they are currently are, within the salon professional business. In 2023 , we are focused more than ever on wellness projects with State-of-the-Art customized designs enabling our clientele to build on their dream setups in exquisite settings