From the Founder

In 1991, I was invited to visit Kuwait for a few days. During my stay, I was quick to notice how strongly people value their personal care and elegance and how deeply rooted exquisiteness is into the culture.
Shortly after, fueled by the spirit of an entrepreneur and an inspiring passion for health and beauty, I returned to Kuwait and established my company to import and export beauty products and cosmetics. My focus was to attract world class brands to Kuwait and distinguish my business by leveraging high quality products and international standards.
Like most new beginnings, mine was humble and testing. A tenacious and ambitious self-starter, I wore all the business hats; armed with integrity and genuineness to establish trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with customers, partners, and employees.
28 memorable years have passed since I have founded the renowned Jothen Company. After earning the leadership position in the market of beauty supplies, equipment, and furniture we branched out and established many successful entities such as Jothen Academy, Jothen Cosmetics, and various distribution arms for Electronics, Pharmacy supplies, Medical solutions, and Cosmetics and Perfumes. Our success led us to evolve our corporate structure and establish District General Trading and Contracting Company to be the hosting umbrella for all our companies and divisions.
We believe excellence is a journey and not a destination. As such, our management team and I are still focused and determined to continue our contribution to a healthier and more beautiful world…