Our Commitment

We empower our companies to be the best they can be, by constantly challenging them to dare, guiding them to excel, and investing in them to grow.

Abdul Majid Madi
Chief Executive Officer

Having built the renowned Al Jothen General Trading & Contracting Co. from the ground up, Abdul Majid has been exposed to all the elements a company requires to succeed. After 28 years of injecting his creativity, determination and hard work into Al Jothen, he summoned the founding of District, as the parent company, to best enable the next phase of growth. Abdul Majid seeks partnerships with companies from around the world who share District’s vision; to harmonize the future expectation of the GCC market.
I strongly believe in people; the creative successful element who adapt to work environments. They are the real asset of our business.
“A lot of leveling up is still awaiting; tirelessly I will put all the required efforts in that direction”

Sam El-Sayed
Chief Growth Officer

Passionate about empowering people and enabling companies to grow, Sam has spent the past 18 years mobilizing teams and building business models across the world to achieve greatness. He has enabled and participated in numerous recognized mergers and acquisitions of public and private companies globally. Sam believes there is a superhero in everyone, and great leaders can tap into and nurture people around them to accomplish the extraordinary.
"We need to think like a Technology company and act like a Data company."
"I believe we can achieve great things!"

Hazem Hasna
General Manager

Coming from a vast retail background fused with B2B and medical ventures for the past 15 years, Hazem believes in the importance of meaningful communication as the key to long-term success. We are an industry leader because of our deep understanding of the end consumer behavior and our genuine efforts to transform the way consumers feel about themselves. Hazem nurtures an internal culture that allows people to believe in themselves, as it drives outcomes. He also supports the company vision by breaking the big dreams into small executional steps to reach outstanding results.
“A lot of leveling up is still awaiting; tirelessly I will put all the required efforts in that direction”