The champions behind the scenes who make the success of our businesses possible...
They are dedicated to providing the strong foundation our businesses are built on.


We combine our effective and structured process with world class systems, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence to serve our partners and business units.

Marketing & Communication

We passionately create and deliver multi-dimensionally worthwhile experiences for our customers, partners and business units

Accounting & Treasury

Best in class ERP system & precise procedures combined with our 30 years of experience allow us to run efficiently while maintaining effective financial control and security.


We provide integrated logistics and effective warehousing services with optimal inventory levels, uncompromised product preservation, and superior delivery services to our group of companies.


We blend emotional and artificial intelligence to provide a diļ¬€erentiated digital shopping experience that maximizes satisfaction and conversion.

Customer Care

We aim to make our customers feel distinguished in every interaction they have with us. We measure success by customers' smiles.

Human Resources

Diversity breeds creativity, and creativity fosters competitive differentiation.

Facilities & Personnel

We proudly and fairly represent and accelerate the affairs of our companies externally and meticulously facilitate the administration of our assets of all kinds.

Information Technology

We aim to digitally transform our entities to Think like a Technology company and Act like a Data company.breeds creativity, and creativity fosters competitive differentiation.