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Commercial Guru


We are looking for a Master in Category Management who is able to manage a group or category of products for our company. Our ideal candidate is someone with solid knowledge of category management, marketing and sales principles and strategies...

Marketing Officer


At District, we attribute much of our success to the strength of our marketing division. To build on this momentum, we are looking for a highly qualified marketing officer. The candidate will contribute to existing marketing plans and programs, while assisting...

e-Commerce Digital Marketer


We are searching for a Rockstar in Digital Marketing who is able to plan and manage marketing campaigns that promote our portfolio of brands, products, and services. Our ideal candidate is someone with experience in marketing, digital marketing...

Sales Manager-Medical


We are looking for a Strong Leader who is able to develop an effective sales force, manage sales operations and implement sales strategies that allow us to consistently exceeds the targets. The successful Sales Manager is a capable motivator and organized tactical sales leader. The ideal candidate has in-depth experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries...

eCommerce Business Manager


The e-commerce manager is responsible for the success and growth of our online business. She or he work on the strategic direction as well as the operational execution to support the corporate objectives. The manager is a capable people’s manager who can achieve outstanding results through the team...

eCommerce Back End Developer


We are looking for an experienced Magento 2.0 Certified Developer who has the deep technical skillset to lead, develop, and maintain our ecommerce presence. The candidate will participate in company-wide initiatives and present expert advice in the eCommerce space...

Digital Merchandizer


The Digital Merchandiser is responsible for merchandising a broad range of products to sell on company platforms, ensuring the timely setup of Portals for new customers, and becoming a subject matter expert on search and merchandising platform. Working with various business units across the company...